Engineering is a field that entails application of mathematics and science to solve issues on nature. Engineering knowledge is crucial as it helps in invention, design, maintenance, improvement, and renovation of structures. Engineering has particular disciplines that purpose to modify and perhaps improve processes and things in general. Engineering skills have resulted to quality machinery; food production has increased not forgetting to mention life quality has massively improved. The disciplines that encompass engineering address specific issues and in one way or another, they are correlated.  Engineering demand has increased as it has been noted to be the primary requirement for development of any nation. Automation, software, and processes that have changed the world have their roots in engineering


Schools offering courses related to engineers academy have sprung up. Basics are taught, and as the course advances, one gets to specialize in a particular field. Electrical engineering is one of engineering branches and going by its name; it specializes in electrical related issues. Designing of premises electrical system, heating and cooling system of a building are just issues addressed by this field of engineering.  There is also civil engineering which specializes in the construction of structures; being roads, bridges, and premises. It should be understood that engineering is a process and a field that originates from design all the way to implementation.

Another crucial branch of engineering is mechanical engineering.


Disciplines of engineering can be said to reign the world of technology and innovation. Anyone willing to take a course related to engineering must, therefore, venture into either. Engineering as a course has various level of know-how. The skills and knowledge are in stages where the basic is a diploma. The advanced levels are bachelor's degrees, master's degree, and Ph.D. Categories of people within the level mentioned earlier of qualification, have a different understanding of the field of engineering; and their skills cannot be quantified.



 To impart engineering knowledge to students, faculty of engineering has been introduced in institutions. Engineering academies have also resulted. They have formed a basis for which learners get an alternative option to a university and the world of employment. Engineering is a career that attracts many, but only a few emerge successfully. This is because many take it with assumptions that money flow in plenty. In fact, some just decide to take it just for the sake of the title. However, engineering can be said to be a calling. Entry to an engineering course demands that one must have attained higher education qualifications. This is because the course itself is a high-quality one, learn engineering here!